Amazing Christian monasteries – Places you should visit


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Christian Monasticism is one of the practices that have developed early in the history of the Christian Church. It was modeled using ideals and examples from the Scripture over time and included numerous sacred principles from the Old Testament. If you ever meet a gorgeous lady and start talking to her about this topic, she will let you know several useful aspects that she has discovered about monks and Christianity over time.

For example, did you know that all the Christian monks used to be hermits that almost never met other people? However, due to the extreme challenge that solitary life is, some of them failed and returned to their previous existence or became spiritually deluded. However, beautiful girls who have travelled a lot also know that others managed to keep going on the newly adopted path. This way, they started to come together and live in harmony in Christian monasteries.


Gorgeous Christian monasteries that you should visit

There are numerous gorgeous Christian monasteries you should visit on your trips around the world. Choose to engage in these amazingly spiritual experiences with breathtaking ladies that will share your passion for history, culture and spirituality. For example, Alcobaca Monastery is a Roman Catholic Church found in central Portugal, in the splendid city of Alcobaca. It was founded back in 1153 and has always maintained a strong association with the Kings of Portugal all throughout the history.

Both the monastery and the church are actually the first Gothic buildings in the country and the most important ones within the category of medieval marvels to visit there. Choose to live this life-time experience well-accompanied by a close friend who will treasure the trip and the valuable memories you will create there together.

Next on the list of the Christian monasteries that you should visit at least once in a lifetime is Sumela Monastery. It is a Greek one and stands at the foot of a steep cliff that faces the Altindere Valley in Turkey. It was built back in 386 AD and has a long and gorgeous history to reveal to superb girls and other curious travelers from around the world.

The church has fallen into ruins few times and was restored to perfect conditions by several Roman Emperors. Today, we can all enjoy visiting this gorgeous place and learn a new history and spiritual lesson from the life of the Greeks.


Great places to visit at least once in a lifetime

If you are currently planning your next amazing trip with a beautiful girl, you should also include Ostrog Monastery on your list of places to visit. Why? Because it has a lot to reveal to those who wish to enrich their existence and hearts every day. This Serb Orthodox monastery is located against an almost completely vertical background and it is dedicated to Saint Basil of Ostrog.

It was founded back in the 17th century and was restored in three years from 1923 to 1926 after a fire destroyed the major part of the complex. You can still visit the old cave-churches while seeing the monastery as it looks now and be amazed of how much history and spirituality a place like this can hold within for so many years.

Visit the most extraordinary places of the world as well as the richest monasteries and churches with a stunning girl who shares your passion for traveling and discovering history as it really is.