Monks everyday life – What are the essential rules in a monastery?

The way in which monks experience their life is totally different from the way in which we live day by day in this modern society that seems to lack time and basic principles sometimes. Although we could not all become Zen monks overnight, we should still find at least some inspiration in the way in which they try to live their lives.


The daily life of monks: simplicity, concentration and mindfulness

When you spend some time trying to realize what might be the main differences between your life and the existence of monks you cannot go without noticing the basic principles that mark their existence. These are simplicity, concentration and mindfulness. They do not need anything complicated in their life to feel like they have fulfilled their life purpose.

Moreover, they never lack concentration in everything they must do to become even more spiritually aware every day. Finall, the way in which peace and calm find place in their life and the mindfulness of every activity in which they engage can only make us admire their lifestyle and strength.

Although not all of us could ever see ourselves living like monks, we can all live our life more Zen-like by following only some of the simplest rules that govern their perfect, peaceful life.


Essential rules in a monastery

When it comes to life in monasteries, it may seem simpler to follow than anything else in the world but this does not mean that there are not essential rules followed by monks and nuns there as well. First, they uphold the force of low as well as the interests of people. They respect the leadership of their government or Party and have sincere faith in their God.

Moreover, they promote their religion by concentrating on the most sacred teachings and by delivering their message to the rest of the world. Finally, they also attend classes for the study of the Scripture to ensure a valuable understanding of treasurable teachings.

All in all, they must always keep their appearance as monks or nuns and never harm the good reputation of the monastery in any way.