What does the word “vocation” mean for a Christian?


Vocation comes with different meanings in varied domains of life and for different people. As far as Christians are concerned, this word comes with an important spiritual meaning that changes their life and way of seeing things. Those who choose to live a consecrated life usually say that their choice came after feeling that this was their real vocation in life.

Vocation: the word that makes you part of something special

Those who wish to understand the meaning of the word vocation or consecrated life better should start by understanding the fact that these two expressions refer to being set apart for a special purpose before anything else. Moreover, these also refer to a special state in which women and men usually become more involved in the context of a specific religious community.

Some might be governed by principles like obedience, poverty and chastity whereas others might also include other important rules that make them fell worthy of adopting their new life. It can even be said that the graces are only imposed to souls that are special and can become aware of their vocation and fulfill their special purpose in this world.


The importance of vocation in the Christian world

Vocation plays a huge role in the life of Christians. Being a Christian priest is not something that just happens but rather something that comes into your life with a purpose. Many people believe that only those that are chosen by divinity can become real messengers of God in front of the world.

Numerous Saints mentioned in the spiritual works that mark the history of Christianity also offer additional insights from this perspective. Consecrated life is believed to be the surest path towards endless, happy life in heaven. Moreover, it is also perceived as the only possible way of generating real saints in the world and sanctifying those who lived their life following their sacral vocation.